Studying Vocab lists useful or not for SAT?


I have 3 days before my SAT and my parents are telling me to study the vocab list on Barron’s by reading all the words once so I can recall the meaning of the words during the Writing and Language Exam questions which ask “This word could be replaced by which of the following words”. Is this a good idea?

No. This would have been mandatory in the 90s but the current version of the SAT has changed too much since then. While vocab would help with your reading comprehension, the ROI probably wont be great like in your parents day. Besides, 3 days wont do anything for you. Just take some practice tests on kaplan and look at the explanations for each answer (including the ones you got right)


I am a test prep tutor. With the exception of ensuring that students understand the words “empirical” and “consequence” I never ask them to study vocabulary. Ever.

On the SAT, the number one strategy is to think of your own word and find a word that matches your thinking. Generally, words fall into two main categories. Choose the hard word you don’t know, or the easy word you do know. Always eliminate two first so that you have a 50% chance of getting it right.