Stuff College Students Say

<p>I'll share some of mine.</p>

<p>"I'm hungry."</p>

<p>"The education system is lame."</p>


<p>"Some high schools start around 7:00 am."</p>

<p>haha suckers</p>

<p>Yeah, my high school started at 7:25 am. But since I took the bus and my high school was about 20 mins away, I had to get up around 6 am and the bus picked us up at about 6:30. </p>



<p>Also, in college if you live on campus and have an 8 am, you don't have to actually wake up until like 7 something, whereas in high school if school started at 8 am you'd have to wake up before then to allow time to dress and then drive/get driven to school.</p>

<p>8am classes sucked in middle school, high school and they suck so much harder in college.</p>

<p>I've been guilty of this myself...
<em>sees snow</em> "Do you think classes will be cancelled tomorrow?"</p>

<p>My first classes in school were at 9am... but then we didn't finish until 3:40pm. I got home around 4:30.</p>

This is a spin-off of the "Stuff ______ Say" videos on YouTube


<p>Actually, it is a spin-off of Art Linkletter.</p>

<p>Art</a> Linkletter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>Here's a video for the college I'm probably going to, Appalachian State.
*****</a> App Students Say - YouTube</p>

<p>And its anthesis
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>"I slept three hours last night."</p>

<p>"Do I really need a textbook for math? It's $200!!"</p>

<p>"I wanna take this class so bad!! Environmental science has to be easy, right?" At the end of the semester... "I hate this class. I have a D in it."</p>

<p>"I'm taking this because it's an easy A."</p>

<p>"Yeah, I can handle a 20-hour job while taking 19 units. It's not THAT much. It's just elementary algebra, college writing, honors history, literature, and marine science!"</p>

<p>"Yeah, I got C's and D's last semester. If I pull off A's and B's this semester, I can get in the honors program, right? What? Why do you need a culmulative GPA of 3.25 to get in the honors program?!"</p>

<p>"I'm pretty sure Euclidean geometry did not subconsciously write things on my shoe."</p>

<p>"I need to go meet Jesus again."</p>

<p>"See, I’m crazy, with a side of crazy…"</p>

<p>"Yes! The stars have aligned yet again! My first/last class doesn't care about attendance!" </p>

<p>"Oh god, how did this happen?! All of my classes have stuff due tomorrow, I'm screwed!"</p>

<p>"Don't <em>beep</em> with me right now." -Everyone during finals week.</p>

<p>Stuff comparing the closing of the nearby Mcdonalds to armageddon. Thankfully they reopened it after completely rebuilding it.</p>

<p>"Fraternities are so lame"</p>

<p>Yeah, that is what those not in one say</p>

<p>"If the professor doesn't show up after fifteen minutes, we can just leave, right?"</p>

<p>The answer is no, one of mine comes in 20 minutes late on average with a standard deviation of 3 (Its Statistics)</p>

"Don't <em>beep</em> with me right now." -Everyone during finals week.


<p>SO true! </p>

<p>Here is some more "stuff" we all say:</p>

<p>"Looks like I'm not getting any sleep tonight..."</p>

<p>"I apologize for being a jerk to you. I had a ton of reading and research to do the night before, and I barely got any sleep."</p>

<p>"I'm so sick of writing book reviews."</p>

<p>"This class/exam/book/etc. is the bane of my existence."</p>

<p>"Can you pass me that bottle of (insert alcohol here)? I need something to get through this assignment..."</p>

<p>"With this much work, I'm going to end up in therapy by the end of this semester..."</p>

<p>"I'm getting an A in this class, but I'm absolutely convinced that my professor hates me..."</p>

<p>"I follow the See Food Diet...particularly around exams time."</p>

<p>"Can you turn the (bleep) volume down?! I can hear you watching Glee from my room! I have dozens of pages left to write and I can't focus..."</p>

<p>"I have two best friends: Ben, and Jerry."</p>

<p>"Looks like it's just you, me, and this blank Word document tonight, beta fish..."</p>

<p>"Don't start with me. I haven't had my coffee yet..."</p>

<p>"Everyone during finals week."</p>

<p>lol, i'm usually calm as a hindu cow during finals for some reason. then again this semester will be the first finals week without nicotine so we'll see how that goes!!</p>

<p>"Are you rushing bro?"</p>