Stuff College Students Say

<p>This is a spin-off of the "Stuff ______ Say" videos on YouTube. Feel free to add more to the list!</p>

<p>-"I have a 10 page paper due in two days, but I can totally do it the day before and at least get a B."</p>

<p>-"Looks like I'm having ramen for both lunch and dinner today..."</p>

<p>-"You wouldn't're not a (insert major here) student..."</p>

<p>-"Why is my professor taking forever to grade our papers?!"</p>

<p>-"I hate waiting for final grades to be posted..."</p>

<p>-"Do those people in the back of the class ever talk?"</p>

<p>-"I hope my bank account doesn't overdraft again..."</p>

<p>-"Will someone please come with me to the dining hall?"</p>

<p>-"My brain feels fried..."</p>

<p>"Ramen for dinner, ah the life of a broke college student"
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<p>"How many more pages do I have left to read?"</p>

<p>"Double-spaced?! Woooo!"</p>

<p>"Another night of ramen.</p>

<p>-Sent from my iPhone with a $100/month data plan"</p>

<p>"Spaghetti for dinner tonight...once again."</p>

<p>First semester: "I'm a premed majoring in Biology!"</p>

<p>Second semester: "I'm majoring in communications."</p>

<p>"My professor asked for eight pages, but I wrote about seven and a half. Do you think that's okay?"</p>

<p>"I had ____ SAT score and _____gpa in high school. College is going to be a breeze."</p>

<p>(One semester later)</p>

<p>"Academic Probation? How the heck did that happen?"</p>

<p>-"I have a 10 page paper due in two days, but I can totally do it the day before and at least get a B."</p>

<p>Guilty. I got an A- too.</p>

<p>^LOL, I was just about to post the exact same thing! (except mine was a 7 pg paper)</p>

<p>-"So I pulled an all-nighter last night..."</p>

<p>-"You totally don't need the textbook(s) for that class..."</p>

<p>-"Crap, I'm running late! I'll just shower when I get back from class..."</p>

<p>-"I hate taking the stairs..."</p>

<p>-"The vending machine ate my money again!"</p>

<p>-"Do I have enough time to buy a coffee before class?"</p>

<p>-"I'm totally going to sleep early tonight..."</p>

<p>-"My professor just glanced at me. Don't think about anything dirty! He/she might know what I'm thinking of!"</p>

<p>-"I get Bs when I don't try on assignments..."</p>

<p>"If I don't nail a 4.0 this semester, my life might as well be over..."</p>

<p>"Lab tonight....fml"</p>

<p>"Sorry, this whole row of seats is taken."</p>

<p>"I didn't understand anything he just said in lecture. I'll just ask the TA later."</p>

<p>"That was the hardest final I ever took. I think I missed like 3 questions. Do you think I'll get a C? :( I studied like 6 hours everyday this unfair."</p>

<p>"OMG I got an A+ I can't believe it. Yeah, I just THOUGHT I failed...yay. Oh what you only got an B+? :( Yeah, sometimes it's just all about luck, like I totally didn't study that much."</p>

<p>"I heard, that Person1 gave Person2 the wrong concepts so she would fail the midterm. So much backstabbing going on."</p>

<p>"Campus is so dead on weekends. Everyone goes home." </p>

<p>"Yeah, I'm going to try everything out because I want to make the most of my first year. Here's a list of all the clubs I'm planning on joining, there's 15 on the list....but I'm probably only going to join like 5 or 6....I'm going to join a frat though, just not sure which one. Oh yeah, and I'm going to apply to med school in 2 years so I think I'll do research after this quarter...maybe get a job and start a little studying for my the MCAT."</p>

<p>Shit</a> College Freshmen Say - YouTube</p>

<p>Pretty much sums up this thread.</p>

"Do those people in the back of the class ever talk?"


<p>They don't shut up!</p>

<p>"I'm soooo broke. I need a job!" (goes out and gets the most expensive table at a club)</p>

<p>"OMG, I LOVE dubstep! Avicii and Skrillex are so underground."</p>

<p>"I got so drunk last night! I drank half a beer!"</p>

<p>"Ugh, been in the library twenty three hours! Gotta write 15 more pages for that big paper due tomorrow!" (this said on a FB status, which the freshman is spending more time on than on the paper)</p>

<p>"My professor just swore in class. SO COOL!"</p>

<p>"I can't believe I have to be up this early for class!" (at 9 AM)</p>

<p>"Class participation means just showing up for class, right?"</p>

<p>"I so don't want to go to work today! I have a two hour shift!!"</p>

<p>"Can you believe the cafeteria lines are this long?!" [at 12:15 when everyone in the world has scheduled their lunch break]</p>

<p>"There's no parking! I had to park forever away and walk like a mile to get here!" [when really they just parked somewhere directly behind the building and it took maybe a couple of minutes to walk to class]</p>

<p>"It's raining, do you think it's okay to skip class today?"</p>

<p>"I'm just going to straight to grad school after graduation. It's not really required for any job I want and I don't really want to be in school anymore, but it's better than having to look for a job."</p>

<p>"I decided I'm staying in college for an extra year, just so I don't have to look for a job so soon."</p>

<p>"I don't have to worry. My parents are paying for school, and rent, and they bought me my car before graduation, and they're probably paying for grad school too."</p>

<p>"I can't believe I just spent $100 on this textbook!" [when if they bought it online it would have been $20]</p>

<p>-"I haven't gone shopping for clothes in months..."</p>

<p>-"Is that TA single?"</p>

<p>-"If the professor doesn't show up after fifteen minutes, we can just leave, right?"</p>

<p>-"We're about to get our test grades back. I feel like I'm going to puke..."</p>

<p>-"Can you call and wake me up in ten minutes? I need a power nap..."</p>

<p>-"I'm going to totally go home and pass out once class is over today..."</p>

<p>-"This elevator is taking way too long..."</p>

<p>-"I think I'm just going to have ramen for dinner tonight. Whatever..."</p>

<p>College Freshman - What, classes don't start until 8?! Sweeet.</p>

<p>College Sophomore/Junior/Senior - Ugh, I have all 10 AMs this week. Sooo early.</p>

<p>"College Freshman - What, classes don't start until 8?! Sweeet."</p>

<p>????????? i had class at 8 every day of the week from 5th grade through 12th grade.</p>

<p>Some high schools start around 7:00 am.</p>

<p>"I just want to rest" or, "sometimes i wish i was dead" or "i wish i had something to eat" or "I don't Know..."</p>