Stuff that annoys you

<p>When people over use ellipsises and their...typing...looks like...this.</p>

<p>I use ellipses when I can't think of anything and am droning on</p>

<p>I use it was I don't want to use proper punctuation....or it looks bare =-o</p>

<p>Lots of things. Here's a selected list:</p>

<p>-Trucks/cars that drive too close to the sidewalk, especially around bends. </p>

<p>-People who are overly-confrontational and aggressive socially.</p>


<p>-Testosterone-fueled guys in gyms.</p>

<p>-Atheistic anti-Christians. </p>

<p>-Anti-Catholic Protestant Christians.</p>

<p>-Socialists and pro-gay activists. The "Granola Brigade" and the "Lavender Mafia."</p>

<p>-People who hate George W. Bush because it's cool.</p>

<p>-People who speak confidently about religions they know nothing about -- usually cocky Atheists. Because they feel that they are "above" religions, they harbor the illusion that they know everything about them when in reality they no diddly squat. They spend all their time bashing them and no time actually reading about them. After all, that would be beneath them. </p>

<p>-Blackberry addicts.</p>

<p>-People who never wipe their hands, even after eating the greasiest, oilyest crap and getting it all over their fingers (which they inevitably proceed to touch everything in sight with).</p>

<p>-People who eat oranges in public. The smell!</p>

<p>-People, usually Asians/Middle Easterners, who feel comfortable eating foods like rice and pork on buses and subways.</p>

<p>-People who eat big sandwiches/hot dogs/slices of pizza on the go and don't even have a drink to wash it down.</p>


<li>illegal immigrants</li>
<li>people who defend illegal immigrants</li>

<p>ignorance and arrogance, and all that it encompasses.</p>

<p>People who don't have any manners (i.e. ppl who stand around talking and blocking a busy hallway).</p>

<p>slow drivers for sure</p>

<p>Tourist who bike/park/walk in the blvd. A great big hole</p>

<p>I can do 15 perfect pull ups (from a dead hang each time)!</p>

<p>People who seem to be perfectly content with being ignorant, intolerant clones of one another.</p>

<p>my parents</p>

<p>Martha, if you don't like soldiers you aren't American.</p>

<p>-Lists that start out sounding innocent but turn out to be hateful.</p>

<p>-People who are afraid to take a stand.</p>

<p>-People so uncomfortable with their own identity that they feel they have to bring others down to make themselves feel better.</p>

<p>-Christians who believe everyone is out to get them.</p>

<p>-People who refer to gays as the Lavender Mafia, as if they are criminals.</p>

<p>-People who think anyone who disagrees with the majority is just trying to be cool.</p>

<p>-People who hate those who disagree instead of turning the other cheek to the "cocky Atheists."</p>


<p>-People who are afraid of a little dirt.</p>

<p>-People who don't like the smell of fresh fruit.</p>

<p>-People who feel comfortable dissing Asians and Middle Easterners as "pork" eaters when any sensible person would know that Muslims don't even eat pork</p>

<p>-People who care about what other people do or don't eat on the go</p>

-Testosterone-fueled guys in gyms.


Come on mate. The gym is for brutal workouts, not for spending 45 minutes on walking the treadmill at 2 mph! On the other hand, I can see where you are coming from.</p>

Lists that start out sounding innocent but turn out to be hateful.



<p>yeah helpme I definitely get the irony of that. my list was far from innocent :)</p>

<p>-people who drive slowly in the left lane
-people who don't use their turn signals
-people who just mosey on down the stairs at the end of the subway and jam it up while you have 30 seconds to run down the street to catch your train
-people who speak loudly on their cell phones in public places (similarly, people who are speaking loudly about something interesting and you only hear half the conversation)</p>

People who feel comfortable dissing Asians and Middle Easterners as "pork" eaters when any sensible person would know that Muslims don't even eat pork


<p>I noticed that too. Pork is forbidden in both Judaism and Islam, so people who eat pork on subways are not likely to be Middle Eastern (unless, of course, the poster is assuming that people who have darker skin are Middle Eastern when they actually are not.)</p>

<p>Pork is ubiquitous in Oriental (when Americans say Asian, they are referring to Mongoloids, after all...) cuisine, so I can see why this is.</p>

<p>Pork is also a favorite for the white folks down here in North Carolina. Gotta love pork BBQ. Eat that on a bus and you won't get complaints :)</p>

<p>annoying right now- INSOMNIA!</p>