Stumbling in the dark here about transferring...

<p>Alright, I'm kind of afraid to apply because I'm afraid I won't get accepted into any places. I tanked my freshman year of community college with two C's, one in Calculus and one in General Chemistry. I didn't withdraw from these two classes because well it was already too late and I don't know, I put a lot of time and effort into Chemistry. I got a C in Calculus I by neglecting my homework and not studying for any of the exams and basically passed the class in zombie mode since I studied at least 10 hours a day for Chemistry and was still doing horrible on the midterms. I aced the homework, so that wasn't the problem. He was notorious for his crazy tests and I probably should've listened to the people on RateMyProfessors, but I had to take him or I'd just get behind.</p>

<p>Anyway, here's what my transcript looks like so far. I'm sure some of the classes won't figure in either. </p>

<p>Trigonometry - A
Pre- Calculus - B
Statistics - A
Calc I - C
General Chemistry I - C
Principles of Microeconomics - B
Honors Political Science - B</p>

<p>(was removed from honors program due to 2 C's in 5.00 classes...)</p>

<p>Calc II- A</p>

<p>Differential Equations - A
Calc III - A
Linear Algebra - A
General Physics I - A
General Physics II - A
General Chemistry II - A
English 101 - A
English 102 - A</p>

<p>My GPA is around a 3.4 something. I feel like I blew my chances at UCLA as a math major during my freshman year. It wasn't for lack of trying; I tried really hard, but I had terrible time management while trying so desperately trying to pass my Chemistry class after I got a 21% on the first midterm. I still have some GE's to take care of but yeah. Anyone have any advice, personal experience, whatever?</p>

<p>I like your sharp upward trend in grades - getting As in the next-of-series in both those classes you got Cs in. I don't think you are absolutely "out" from a UC as a transfer but competition is tough right now so throw in a few safeties as well (lower UCs and a few CSUs). </p>

<p>Keep up the great work and good luck!</p>

<p>Are you able to get back into the Honors program if you raise your grade back up? That'll help.. 3.4 isn't that terrible for the UC level, that was my first semester basically, two As, a B, 2 Cs and a D... and that D was technically a B, I misread that the final was on a Wednesday when it was a Monday (online classes) so my B dropped to a D, retook it and almost got an A. Don't panic, you'll be okay.</p>