Stunning Surprise!!!

<p>My d attended the February 28-29 Presidential Explore. She interviewed and said it went well, and was about 10 minutes longer than scheduled. We got the letter today and she was awarded the Trustee Scholarship. We were shocked, in the best way possible!!!!</p>

<p>Incidentally, we are from Chicagoland.</p>


<p>That's a wonderful surprise, congratulations!
My D also knows of another person who interviewed for Pres but was awarded the Trustee.</p>

<p>Congrats to your D, knm1001. Thats absolutely wonderful!!</p>

<p>Wow that's fantastic! Congrats :-)</p>

<p>knm, congratulations! What is her intended major? And what part of Chicagoland? I'm from the north suburbs.</p>

<p>Madbean-We are from the western suburbs. D plans to double major in business and science.</p>

<p>ka-ching! Congratulations on that spectacular turn of events!</p>

<p>Nice! Congratulations</p>

<p>My daughter was also absolutely shocked that she got upgraded from President to Trustee. This throws a whole new dimension into the college decision, especially if it happens to come down to SC vs. UCLA.</p>

<p>Kathyc, what is your d's intended major?</p>

<p>She's been accepted to Marshall (business).</p>

<p>Kathy; Does UCLA have a business school (I thought they didn't), or was your D planning to major in economics. I would think Marshall would be a great choice, especially with USC's networking.
Congratulations for your D's Trustee! I can certainly relate to the fact that this award will have a major impact on the choice of school.</p>

<p>UCLA doesn't have Business undergrad; she's been accepted into Business Economics (or something close to that--forgive me if this isn't exactly the name).
My brother is quite concerned about football games--my whole family is Stanford/UCLA. But, the money is VERY nice, and it seems like there could be some real advantages to SC over UCLA. So we will see...</p>