Stupid fax machines....

<p>On Friday I finally found out what classes I am going to take at LaSalle U during the second semester. Those classes are Social Psychology and College Writing II. I had the two classes listed as TBD on my ED app that I sent in 3 weeks ago.</p>

<p>So of course I wanted to inform Penn that I was taking them.... so they'd think I wasn't slacking off in the 2nd semester. That would make me have 7 classes in the second semester: 6 ap's. So I called up my admissions director... and I got some secretary. And she told me that I would need to fax them a letter explaining it and they couldn't accept verbal stuff. So after about an hour writing the damn letter and making sure it was perfect and everything and then two hours trying to configure my all-in-one printer to fax the damn letter I wrote.... I quit on it. My mom sent it to Penn the next day at work though.</p>

<p>There is no moral to the story, I just felt like sharing. Perhaps someone else could share a story about the hectic ed process. I dunno.</p>


<p>Well, as far as funky app stories go, I sent in my activities statement, my signature form, and a letter that said what was inside the envelope by snail mail (I had submitted my app electronically). So I put it in my mail box and head off to a super day at school. My mom then takes it out and whiteouts the "Attn: Ms. Korn" and changes it to "Attn: Mr. Korn" because it wasn't neat before so she tried to make it neater. The weird thing is that my parents play about a 0% part in my life schooling wise (i.e. I have to make sure all my deadlines are met, etc.) so it was pretty weird for my mom to do something like that!</p>

<p>I doubt it will make too much of a difference (I hope!), but oy vey!</p>

<p>(does anyone else find that they just cannot write well after they've been working the whole day?)</p>

<p>oy vey --- jew! lol</p>

<p>Yes. I am a Hebrew!</p>