stupid kid who wants go to Emory/Babson/UCSD....

<p>ok I'm an international student from Korea, currently studying in one of most demanding private high school in the nation.!!!!!(top 10 i believe).
I came to America 4.5 years ago.
My GPA is 3.0 weighted(I kno itz low).
AP Chem, 1 honor.
My SAT I is 710 math 600 verbal (1310..not sure I should take one more,
cuz I am pretty sure I will get higher math but not verbal)
My SAT II is 680 math iic(looking at 750) 480 writing (looking at 600) 750 spanish 800 Korean
Varsity track & soccer
varsity track captain
30 days work experience (internship)
3 years orchestra (first-flute)
1 senior year chamber (advanced singing)
and some clubs and stuffz
wanna major in business mostly</p>

<p>I am looking at:
Claremont Meck+

<p>Here comes the problem,
I kno that my GPA is so low that I cannnot go to college and **** but then I turn out to be comparably fine athlete in Track&Field. I mean I can go to Johns Hopkins and able to break their school record in my freshmen year.
above with +sign colleges, either I contacted coaches or they contacted me and showed me great interest in me. mostly D3 schools except for UCSD which is D2. I am pretty sure that I will get in to Babson and BU according to the coaches confident email.(I can post them if you wanna see). but the thing is that I really want to go to Emory after all. Do you think it is possible?
I was thinking to go for EDII which Emory offers (deadline January 1, result comes out Feb1). I am looking forward to get above 3.6 for first semester of senior year. GIve me what you think about my list and your can throw in some more and give me your feedback about easy schools if you can. thanx mucho....:p</p>

<p>Great chance at all as a top athlete.</p>

<p>umm I can beat the long and triple jump record. I am not crazy crazy good at both of those but I am able to jump around 21-22 for long and 43-44 for triple right now. Went to CIF last year and placed 5th about you gimmimoney?i guess you are better than me?</p>

<p>I would EDI or ED II at Emory, if you got good response from the coach there. If not, use it at another school if it would not matter which school you'd attend, after you hear from Emory. Keep Babson and BU as backup.</p>

<p>Just my humble opinion.</p>

<p>yeah if college coaches show extreme interest in you that could mean a good thing. Take their word for salt unless it specifically says:</p>

<p>WE HAVE GUARANTEED YOUR ACCEPTANCE INTO _____ UNIVERSITY and it is signed by whoever signs the admissions letter and is authentic</p>

<p>If you have that then you better be into that college</p>

<p>thanx...herez what babson said..</p>


<p>Babson is a very demanding business school, with an excellent
reputation...because of this they keep their classes small approx. 400
students. So getting in is a challenge...HOWEVER, I truly believe that
with your grades, your projected grades, SAT scores and the reputation
of the private school that you are should be more than enough to
get you in...i can't make any promises but on paper you have everything
Babson is looking for.</p>

<p>I hope this helps, please let me know if you decide to come for a visit,
we can set up one overnight here on campus, you can stay with a team
member, he can take you around to classes, dinner, practice and out at

<p>I hope to see you.</p>

<p>does it sound positive?</p>

<p>Definately positive.</p>

<p>It sounds like a likely letter. If you got one from BU too, then you're a hot prospect.</p>


<p>thanx for your reply...</p>

<p>one more problem here..</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>if you look at this, they say I am going to be considered academically just like others.
I hope this is just to scare people. I mean I won't be able to go with my gpa tat low to Emory and if they do not really give special advantages to athlete then it will hurt me big time for sure. what do you guys think about this??</p>

<p>i even try to email the emory track team people to find out whether they actually did so good in academic but I couldn't sad..</p>

<p>yeah some more of those letters you will have no worries about acceptances to any of the school that send you one</p>

<p>is my GPA going to kill me?</p>

<p>bump bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>GPA should not kill you. Emory gives you a break if you're an athlete, even if they say otherwise.</p>

<p>wow blaineko...hope it is true^.^how do u know Emory that well??just wondering :p</p>

<p>Am apply to Emory, although during the RD round.</p>

<p>ICIC thanx howz ur stat?</p>

<p>760V/730M/3.9/750+ SAT II/Swimmer...</p>

<p>Som friends stats, that got into Emory: </p>


<p>Hope this helps you a bit.</p>

<p>wow u know some stuff for real :p thats some good stuffzzz...are weighted GPA though???then i have chance :p and are they super super crazy in athlete??I am sure i will be top 3 athlete(good thing that top 2 are senior in emory right now) in my events(track) but not sure exactly where i will stand compare to others....</p>

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<p>They are pretty good athletes...not great though.</p>