stupid mistake on FAFSA and CHANCE me for UT AUSTIN

okay! I made a stupid mistake on FAFSA by registering for the wrong year (i apply for fall semester in 2016, but i registered for 2015-2016, which should be 2016-2017). Will that affect my chance of being accepted to UT Austin and what should i do:( ???

Also chance me for UT Austin.

I am not a native (still a legal resident)
rank is 139/1416 (very huge and competitive school, top 5 in texas)
SAT superscore: 2020, reading+math: 1340
NHS from 10-12 grades, which proves that i have volunteered for about 100 hours.
I’m an asian.


Also, i am major in biochemistry. A fairly competitive major!

My GPA is 4.2222222 if that’s helpful…