Stupid SAT/ACT Question

<p>OK, obviously I'm new to all of this and thus the stupid question. I'm an out-of-stater applying to several CSU schools.</p>

<p>I have already filled out and sent the common application from CSU Mentor to all of the schools I am interested in. On the appropriate section in the application it asked for the dates and/or scores of either the SAT or ACT or both. At the time I submitted my application I hadn't received either score. Since submitting the application I first received my SAT scores (a few weeks ago) and last night I received my ACT scores. After I received my SAT scores I immediately had them sent to CSU Mentor so that each college I applied to would be able to access them.</p>

<p>So here's the thing. I wasn't all that happy with my SAT scores (550 Reading, 540 Math, 550 Writing), but it is what it is and now all of my potential schools have that score. My ACT score is considerably better (a 28 composite). I plan to submit this score via CSU Mentor as well so that all universities I'm applying to have access.</p>

<p>Here's my question then--which score do CSU schools use or prefer? Do they automatically take the better of the two tests for factoring the eligibility index? As I stated, on my application I had noted that I had taken both tests and there wasn't an option to check which test you would prefer they use. Do I have to contact each school to request that they use my ACT score to factor my eligibility index?</p>

<p>I want to get this right because I know that as an out-of-stater every point is going to count.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!!!</p>

<p>First, I am not sure you send ACT directly to CSUMentor like you do SAT. I think the process for ACT is to send it to one of the CSUs to which you are applying and then use CSUMentor's ACT Scores Manager to distribute it to others. Second, as between SAT and ACT, if you submit both, they use the one that is higher to determine elegibility and admission. You don't have to ask them to do that.</p>

<p>That's good to know. I was being told that if I submitted a score to the schools (as I had done with the SAT) then they would only use that one and not a subsequent one that might be sent later.</p>