Stupid transcript mistake. Need help

Basically, my junior year I took regular math the first semester and moved up to honors math for the second semester.

When I filled out my self-reported transcript on the common and coalition applications, I filled out that I had taken two semesters of honors math instead of just one. The self-reported grade was correct, the only problem is that I accidentally put down that I took two semesters of honors math, when I only took one.

How big of an issue is this? What can and should I do to address this, if anything? Is this grounds for some sort of punishment, including withdrawing my acceptance? I applied to 15 schools. It was a stupid and careless mistake on my part, and I wasn’t trying to fool the admissions officers at all (everybody knows they compare self reported grades to official ones).

I would email your school counselor what to do or email the admissions office of every school and explain the mistake to them. I’m sure it will be fine but if you just leave it, it might be taken as dishonesty and your application can be rejected/withdrawn.

Colleges totally understand that everyone makes mistakes. Send out a short email to all your admissions counselors letting them know what happened. There should be no penalties if you are upfront about it.