SU Transfer Chances?

Hey everyone – SU is my top choice, and I’d really like to know if I have a chance of getting in. It’s hard to find anecdotes of those who transfer there, so I’m somewhat unsure of what to expect. Any insight would be great!

21 y/o white female. High school graduate of 2016.
Will be graduating from my community college with an AA-DTA this June (2018).
Applying as an Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts major.
CUM GPA: 3.42 / CLVL GPA: 3.47.
Phi Theta Kappa member.
The first of my family to graduate high school and the first to attend college.
I think that my essay was very strong- I spent 6+ hours writing/revising it.
I have one weak quarter which I explained in my essays; There was a death in my family and I was recovering from surgery. My transcripts will show an upward trend following this quarter, which puts me on par with my academic performance prior to it.

Thank you!

I’m sure you’ll get in no problem. Our stats are pretty similar and I got in last month. Good luck to you!

@julietjuju3 Thank you so much! I got in today!