SUA Class of 2016

<p>Son was accepted yesterday! Did anyone else on this forum apply to Soka? The school seems interesting, but there's very little mention of it anywhere on CC. Also, what happened to the Class of 2016 Facebook page that they said they created?</p>

<p>Finally someone! Hi, I just got into Soka as well! Congrats to your son! I don't have Fb, but I did hear about that page. Yeah, so not many on CC have talked about Soka, so all I really have found are student reviews from various websites and anything on Soka's site. You probably know this already, but if you make under $60,000 a year-tuition is free! I'm planning on touring the school if I can afford it. On April 13th-14th they are letting kids who got accepted from out of state tour and stay with a host. I'm in New Orleans so I just have to worry about my plane ticket.</p>

<p>Congrats on your acceptance! Is Soka your current first-choice?</p>

<p>We have had the opportunity to tour campus. It is absolutely gorgeous. The pictures do not exaggerate its beauty. However, being there during both the day and night, we found that the campus outside of the dorms is completely dead past 9:30 P.M.</p>

<p>Honestly it wasn't before I was accepted, but the free tuition is incredibly tempting. I actually applied to just under 20 schools (which everyone freaks out over), but i figured if I did everything I could and ended up going to a local school(which I refuse to do) at least I did my best. Some of those schools included the Claremont schools (no result yet) and the school of the art institute of Chicago, Marymount Manhattan, Fordham, the list goes on. I would like to go to an art school, but cant afford it. Soka offers very general degrees-all liberal arts with a focus in humanities, environmental studies, international studies, or.. i forgot the last one. What schools are your son considering?</p>

<p>Hey! Does anyone know how to join the facebook page for accepted students?</p>

<p>Milly! They made a slight typo in the e-mail that they sent out. You can join by going to </p>

<p>They made a mistake and put in /group/ instead of /groups/. Hope this helps!</p>

<p>I just got in and am very excited! I don't know if I am going to go but their programs sound very cool its definitely one of my top choices:)</p>

<p>Hello all, </p>

<p>The Office of Enrollment at Soka University would like to clarify that the Class of 2016 Facebook group was created solely for newly admitted students. We feel that it is important to allow the Class of 2016 sufficient time to build community with each other. For this reason, the link to the Facebook group was only distributed to the Class of 2016 students.
Thank you all for your excitement around this topic.
Happy Tuesday!</p>