sub 40 % acceptance rate?

<p>I just looked up GW's acceptance rate - a highly selective 38 %. If this is true, how is the SAT score range so abysmal i.e. 1180-1370? I really like GW and all, but has it lost its prestige and academic worth? Someone assuage my restless mind with positive GW thoughts.</p>

<p>Not sure where 1180 - 1370 comes from. According to the common data set, the middle 50% of SAT scores are 1250 - 1410. So 25% of the class scores higher than 1410. Hope Mark Warner does well in the Democratic presidential primaries - he's an alum ! Also Sen Harry Ried, and, from grad school, Colin Powell. So I guess you can struggle along and achieve some success if you go to GW. . . . . .</p>

<p>amen, hayden.</p>