Subject test score questions

<p>My two higher scores are my 800 math and 710 US history. So, my first question is about history. Is that high enough for a good school? I want to stay in CA, so by good school I mean UCs (mainly Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD) and Claremont colleges (i.e. Pomona, Harvey Mudd). I know 750 and above is the benchmark for Ivies, but for the schools I want to go to, will my history be good enough?
Second question: I took biology my sophomore year thinking I would do well since I had done well in the class. However, I failed to realize how different the test was from our school curriculum and did horribly (620). So, for colleges that don't let you use score choice, is this going to hurt me? They say they only look at your highest two... but I can't help but worry that a 620 isn't going to look so good even if it isn't in the highest two.</p>