subject test scores

<p>would a 790 on us history and a 720 on literature be good enough to send?</p>

<p>Yes. 10char</p>

<p>Those are good</p>

<p>Are they your best?</p>

<p>i've only taken the subject tests once. i got a 590 on french hahaha but columbia only needs 2 so obviously that one is not getting sent in.</p>

<p>but is the literature too low?</p>

<p>750+ is sort of the gold standard, but 700+ is definitely good enough to send.</p>

<p>Columbia requires that all standardized exam scores (SAT I, ACT and SAT II) be sent. Only two SAT II exams need to be taken, but all scores for all exams taken must be submitted.</p>