Subject Test, yes or no?

Rising senior here. Subject tests aren’t about the money for me, more about the time. Between writing college essays and figuring out everything thats going to be happening this year, is it really that worth it. I’m from a high COVID state (AZ), so i don’t even know if the August test will happen. Is it really worth the stress?

If so, which tests should I take. I’m applying as a Public Policy/ Government/ PoliSci major, depending on the school

Here are my AP scores, if it helps: APUSH, AP Lang, AP Euro, AP Calc (5), AP Seminar, AP Spanish Language (4), AP Chem, AP bio (3) (Don’t know what happened with chem, I checked all my answers and they should have been correct)

I was thinking about taking Math 2, US History and World History. Thank you so much!

Where are you applying? Very few schools recommend Subject Tests anymore. Unless you are applying to one of these schools, there’s no reason to take Subject Tests.

Even those that recommend the tests have removed that recommendation for this year’s applications, with the exception of McGill.

Ivies, UC Berkley, UCLA, Stanford and my state school ASU, which I have auto admit for

Several of those traditionally “recommend” them, but all are optional for this fall’s applicants.

How prepared would you be? They are usually taken in June at the end of a course in the related subjects. You will be competing with students that did so. If you believe you can score 750+ it might be worth it. But if it involves a lot of study and prep, probably not.

If you are applying to Ivies & Stanford, you should definitely take them if you can do well in them. If you are not going to score anything that looks better than your AP exam scores, there may not be much point in it.