Subject tests and score choice

<p>Alright, so I'm aware that Emory only takes into consideration your highest section scores for the SAT Reasoning test, but I was wondering if the same applies for subject test scores as well.</p>

<p>Also, I'm wondering if Emory accepts October or November scores for ED1, or should I just wait until ED2 to apply?</p>

<p>I don't think Emory cares about SATIIs at all. They really don't take them into consideration. What I'm guessing is that some peers use them for placement or to look for prior aptitude in a subject area (particularly the sciences) that they claim to want to major in. Emory simply doesn't do either. It doesn't care. I guess it assumes that anyone w/o prior experience can handle coursework in tougher majors if they just work hard (and that's true, the courses are not so intense that a person that didn't take AP or an SATII would be disadvantaged. It also may have something to do with the selectivity. Some schools have such low admit rates that they require or strongly recommend SATIIs so that they have an additional measure by which to sort students. Again, Emory simply doesn't need to do this at this point in time.</p>

<p>Correction: Wow, I lie (just looked it up). Now they apparently "invite" you to do so (maybe they are considering getting more selective in some sense b/c when I was applying, it was a complete non-factor, no consideration at all). But this still isn't like schools that "strongly recommend" it. Point is, I wouldn't let it hold you back from doing the application plan that best fits you.</p>

<p>Ah damn it, you had me turned on there for a second there. Thanks for the advice anyways. Though do you know if I should re-take my Subject tests (both of which were only in the 600 range) or my SAT (2120) on the October test date if I want to apply ED?</p>

<p>Get over the 2120. The 2120 indicates that you hit last years middle-50 range quite solidly (the median is probably 2100ish if the range is from 1950-2250). Simply don't submit your SATII scores and your problem is solved. I would not waste money taking them again (either those or the SAT reasoning). Unless you plan on applying to other selective schools if you don't get into Emory (thus making you apply RD to those), retaking the SATII won't necessarily help. If less selective schools that don't really use SATIIs, don't worry about it.</p>

<p>To reassure you, the 2120 is good given that Emory's SAT scores do not change dramatically (increase dramatically at that) like our peers (even when applications go up, our SAT range doesn't suddenly adjust). It hasn't suddenly become ultra-competitive (nor do I see it going in that direction w/in the next 1-2 years), so using last year's stats is a pretty good starting point. Hopefully the freshmen stats. (when they come out closer to when orientation starts) will prove me correct. Emory seems less into cherry-picking SATs than some other schools and more into building a well-rounded, interesting class, that wants to attend here. This is good for folks like you (those wanting to come).</p>

<p>Thanks so much bernie. Your advice really relieved a lot of worries.</p>