Subject Tests/AP Score Correlation Thread

<p>I'm interested in seeing if there is a correlation between one's SAT subject test scores and their AP scores. Please post your scores here so we can determine if such a thing exists, at least in general!</p>

<p>Me first.</p>

<p>AP Chem(5)- SAT 2 Chem(790)
APUSH(5)- SAT 2 US(800)
World History(5)- SAT 2 World(800)
AP Spanish(4)- SAT Spanish(720)</p>

<p>800 Chemistry, 5 AP Chemistry</p>

<p>800 Math II, 5 AP Calculus BC, 5 AP Calculus AB Subscore</p>

<p>780 US History, 5 AP US History</p>

<p>780 Physics, 5 AP Physics B, 5 AP Physics C: Mechanics, 5 AP Physics C: E&M</p>

<p>740 French (without listening), 5 AP French Language</p>

<p>800 US History, 5 AP Us history.... obviously.</p>

<p>Calculus AB 5, SAT II Math 2 800
Yes I believe there is a very strong correlation.</p>

<p>AP Bio (5) SAT Bio 780</p>

<p>lol it would help to have some people w/ grades besides 5/780-800. obviously most with high 700s/800 are going to have a 5 and vice versa ... it'd be more interesting to see how many scores in the low 700s correlate to 5 vs. 4</p>

<p>^this isn't mine, but a friend of mine had 610 Bio and a 1 on AP Bio.
Another kid in the same class had 750 bio and a 5 on AP Bio.</p>

<p>Chem 800/5
Physics B 800/5
Calc BC 800/5-5 (800 on SAT Reasoning Mathematics and IIC)</p>

<p>Calc AB/BC : 5/5
Math 2 : 780 (i didnt remember any of the conics stuff)</p>

<p>AP US: 5
US History : 760</p>


<p>US History 730/5</p>

<p>Apush: 5 ush: 720</p>

<p>US History 5/750
Chemistry 4/730</p>

<p>It's not necessarily always the case. I got 710 and my friend got 740 on Biology E without ever taking Bio AP. We just took the basic bio course.</p>

<p>AP Bio-5 (Test was so easy that I wanted to cry).
Bio SAT 2-760 (could have gotten that 800 if I had prepared more-or at all-as I had forgotten a lot of material since the AP test in May. I took the subject test in June...big mistake. Definitely more challenging than the AP test; maybe that's just because I had forgotten some of the material though :P).</p>

<p>AP World History-5 (also note: this is THE hardest AP offered by my school, and I was one of maybe 10 students out of more than a hundred to earn an A in the class. We were really forced to drill the course material into our heads, learn it backwards, forwards, upside-down...basically we all ended up ridiculously overprepared for the AP test.)
World History SAT 2-650 (done with absolutely NO preparation, apart from taking the AP class. Once again, forgot a lot of the course material by the time I took this test in June. Took the test mostly as a joke just to see how I would do...history isn't really my forte. Subject test was much more detailed than AP test, something I wasn't really prepared for).</p>

<p>Overall...I'm guessing I have much lower SAT 2 scores in comparison to my AP scores because I didn't bother preparing squat for any of the subject tests and had forgotten a lot of the AP course material by the time I took the tests. I also didn't really care what I scored on the tests because I took them as a sophomore, and I knew I had time to really focus, study, and get the scores I wanted at the beginning of junior year. I found both AP tests to be laughably easy whereas I found the subject tests to be much much much more challenging. Planning on actually studying for my subject tests this upcoming fall and hopefully getting that bio 800 and a math 800, if all goes well. (:</p>

<p>Chem 800/5
Bio 700/4
Math IIc 710/ 5 on Calc A/B</p>

<p>Ap ush - 4
sat ush - 750</p>

<p>ap wh - 4
sat wh - 760</p>

<p>800 US History, 5 APUSH
800 Chemistry, 5 AP Chem
800 Math level 2, 5 AP Calculus BC
800 Latin, 5 AP Latin Vergil</p>

<p>AP Chem 5, chemistry 760 (i took it a month after the exam, without studying)
AP US 5, us history 800</p>

<p>AP Physics B (5) Physics Subject test (670)</p>

<p>APUSH: 5<br>
SAT USH: 760</p>

<p>AP Bio: 5<br>
SAT Bio M: 740</p>