Subject Tests for Class of 22?

I’m going into junior year next year. I am taking the regular SAT in November, and I do not have any subject tests yet. I want to focus this summer on the SAT. I will be taking Honors Physics next year, as my school does not offer AP Physics 1, but I expect the curriculum to be the same. I will be taking Math II next June. I also think I need to take a science, so the obvious choice would be Physics as all I have left. However, I’ve heard this test is hard. My question is, would I be better off taking Physics or Bio(despite the fact I’m not taking Bio next year)? I would like to major in CS

Check out the College Board’s chart:

It looks to me like 15% score an 800 on the Physics subject test vs 5% for the Molecular Bio and 2% for the Ecological Bio. The physics test may be “harder” but it looks like it’s easier to score higher.

If you have a class in Physics and not Biology, then the Physics Subject Test seems to be a better choice than Biology.


I have similar question about SAT subject and AP test? I am looking for taking my science SAT test . Is there any particular order you should take these two tests? Can I take SAT Chem after AP Chem ? thank you

Subject Tests are intended to be taken after a single high school-level course.

AP exams are intended to be taken after an advanced, “college-level” AP-specific course. This usually has the HS course as a pre-exquisite,

So either Subject Test first, or both at the same time.

You certainly can take the Subject Test after the AP course, but you may need to study/refresh on topics covered a year ago or more.