Subject tests more than once?

<p>Is it common for students to take SAT subject tests more than once, to improve their scores? I'm specifically wondering if it's worth it for daughter to take the Latin test after her 3rd year of HS Latin (she's a soph who started early) and try again next year if necessary. She's taking the Math II in June, so it would be nice if she could knock out two tests that day.</p>

<p>Yes, I understand it is common. Keep in mind, however, that all tests will show up on the record. While colleges, by and large, will look only at top scores, they may wonder at multiple seating of the same test (however, taking the same test twice is fine--it will not raise eyebrows). My S did not take the SAT subject test for Latin, but he tested out of the foreign language requirement by scoring over 600 on a test that was modeled on and scaled according to the SAT (I don't know the exact score he got). He'd finished Latin 3.</p>

<p>I was just at the Exploring College Options program in my town on Sunday, and this frequently asked question was asked. (That college consortium consists of Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn, and Stanford.) The basic answer is, retake the test if you don't like your first score. All those colleges, and most colleges in general, will consider your best score on each test you take. "Just don't make taking standardized tests your sole EC" was the only warning about extreme behavior.</p>

<p>Many kids would take a subject test in another subject rather than take a subject test in the same subject ("Well, I guess that chemistry isn't my bag. Maybe I'll try biology next time.)</p>

<p>I would take a look at a Latin SAT subject test prep book and see how prepared your D is to take the test. If she looks pretty prepared, then go for it.</p>

<p>Marite brings up another wrinkle. If your D is planning to use her Latin test as one of the SAT subject tests for college admissions purposes, then she'll want to get a 700+. If she will be using the score to test out of a language requirement at a university, then she'll need a lesser score (600+ probably) and can wait to take the test in the second half of her senior year when she'll have had another year of Latin.</p>

<p>SATII foreign language testing has been a stressor for my D. She is a solid French student, but we both had concerns over the rigor of the program at our high school, particularly after she looked over a practice test. In the end she opted to stick with SATIIs that she felt confident she could do well in and is "saving" the French exam for after she's completed the AP course next year. I noticed that some schools offer placement based upon a combination of AP scores and the SATII.</p>

<p>It's funny -- in the real world, I have never, ever heard of a kid taking an SAT II twice. As ellemenope says, they would rather try a different test. The sole exception might be Math II, which a lot of colleges require . . . I have still never heard of a kid re-taking it, but at least it might make sense.</p>

<p>In the real world where I live, too many high school students haven't even heard of the SAT Subject Tests until senior year, which limits opportunities for retakes. I heard a girl ask a question about retaking an SAT Subject Test when I attended the on-campus Harvard information session in February. She was assured by the Harvard admission officer there, Elice Eggert, that that was fine, and that her highest score would be considered.</p>

<p>Although she could certainly take it again, I'd wait if she's going to take another year of the language. She can take it during the spring of her junior year and probably do much better.</p>

<p>Thanks, everybody for your prompt replies! You've given me exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks again.</p>

<p>My d re-took the Biology SAT II. She just had a bad testing day. She was taking AP BIO and got a 5 on the AP but only got a score in the low 600s on the SAT II in May. She took it again in Nov and got a 760.</p>