Subject Tests - Recommended, Required, or Not For Class of 2025 ?

Because of COVID-19, colleges (especially highly selective ones) that normally ‘recommended’ SAT subject tests are releasing statements that they no longer recommend them from Class of 2025- and that students won’t be at a disadvantage if they don’t submit subject tests.

As a '25 who hasn’t had the chance to take subject tests, I am really hoping that schools will truly take subject tests lightly among applicants - and that not submitting these tests will not be a hinderence of any kind…

Any thoughts? Thank you!

Schools that are not taking SAT subject tests as a requirement have stated that either they don’t want them at all or if you don’t submit them, it’s not considered as a disadvantage. It’s the same thing with test-optional schools. If you submit an ACT or SAT, good for you. If you don’t, we won’t hold it against you.