Subject Tests- URGENT

<p>I know that the UC's don't require the SAT IIs, but is this one of those situations where it's in your best interest to send them? I know that they have received my US History score (740) because it was sent with my Nov. SAT. I took Math II (740) and Lit. (670) in Dec. and I was wondering if I should send those? I'm applying to several schools and sending scores is turning out to be a huge expense that my family can't really afford right now. Will they even receive them if I rush them?</p>

<p>Simplified stats:</p>

<p>SAT: 2140 (770 R 660 M 710 W)
ACT: 33
GPA: 4.12 W, no idea about UW though. Can't be too bad however, I've only gotten 2 Bs.
Rank: 17/326
URM (Hispanic), 1st generation, low income, immigrant, overcame significant life challenges (my life is kind of a never ending tragedy), pretty good ECs and OOS.</p>


<p>If you applied this year, the SAT IIs are still required for admission. You should probably rush them (you only need to send them to one UC.)</p>

<p>Oh wow. Well, that answers that. Thank you so much!</p>

<p>They accept them electronically, so do you think they’ll still take them if I send them w/o rush today? Rush reports are an additional 29 bucks…</p>

<p>Don’t send rush reports. They’re effectively a collegeboard scam</p>

<p>Hm… I thought you only had to send in official scores when you got accepted? Unless things have changed since I applied…</p>

<p>I thought that was your transcript? The UC application is so strange. Unnecessarily complicated imo.</p>

<p>Calm down. I don’t know what UC’s you’re applying to but I know that UCLA and UCSD don’t require your scores received until January 30th so relax. It says so in the email confirmation you get if you applied to those campuses. So you have plenty of time. That is also why the December test is the last acceptable date as it is the last date that will have scores published by their January 30th deadline.</p>

<p>Hope that brought you some calm.</p>

<p>Thank you g0ld3n! Breathing a little easier now.</p>



<p>That’s your transcript and AP scores. Nobody accepts unofficial SAT scores.</p>