Subject Tests

<p>Does anyone know just how "recommended" the subject tests are? Because my regular SAT is up to Stanford's standards (2300 superscore) but my subject tests are NOT. Not even close, actually...640 math 2 and 690 world history. Should I try to retake them in December and hope for a better score (which is actually not very likely at all) or just hope for the best and not send them?</p>

<p>From experience, I've met quite a few people who took SAT II's and got very similar scores (or lower) and still got in. I personally had something similar; 630 in Chem and 690 in math, and I got in. From what I've seen overall, low SAT II scores aren't taken quite as seriously as low SAT I/ACT scores or low grades. If you've only taken them once, feel free to retake them in December. They specifically say on the website that you won't be penalized for not sending them so if you feel that they are subpar and they don't get better, don't send them.</p>

<p>Thanks just20706 - It seems that many CC contributors go crazy over getting a 750 Math II up to 800. I have read lots of posts about how one should just fold their tent and go home with anything less than mid 700s on Math II. My theory had been that Cal Tech, MIT, Mudd etc. might need the 800 subject; but as long as everything else rounds out to a nice profile of a student who should be able to do well at Stanford academically while adding to the school life atmosphere and class discussion etc. one can be more flexible with the ranges. It's nice to hear a confirmation of that. I see kids just driving themselves crazy retaking these tests. It's nice to see a comment that promotes a bit more balance and sanity.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies! They provided some much-needed perspective on the situation. I guess I'll just focus more on my essays now!</p>