Subject Tests

Hey, so I’m a rising senior. I’ve already taken the ACT and scored a 32 on it. Upon looking at some of the colleges websites, I’m required to take two subject tests. I’ve definitely decided to take a math and science one, as I’m looking at engineering. However, I’m not sure what they’re like. Would they be similarly formatted like the ACT? How much prepping would you believe is required? From your experience, were they hard? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Not like ACT more like SAT math. Math 2 is probably what you’ll end up taking for engineering is my guess. Math 2 is similar to harder sat math up to trig i believe. A month or 2 should be good is my guess. I’m taking Bio/math2/us history and I’m only prepping for 2 months. good luck!

@Gatortristan Thanks for the reply. I believe I might do math 1 as well (just for giggles). I’m a bit nervous for Math 2 because I heard that it contains pre-calc and calc. Is this true? I’m only taking pre-calc just this year, so I don’t want to waste money on a subject that I haven’t learned yet.

There is no calc on math2. I think their might be pre calc on it but you’d be better off just learning the few concepts there is but its your choice!

SAT subject tests are more about factual recall. SAT Math level 2 is 50 math questions up to pre-calculus. No weird tricks or things. Just straight forward Math. SAT Math level 1 is just like SAT Math which I believe is trickier.

The difference between Math 1/2 on an SAT 2 and Math on the SAT is that: 1. You are required to know formulas 2. You actually have to do math. The SAT Math is more so logic, and you can use clever techniques like backsolve, trial and error and bare minimum math (proportions, slopes, guesstimate) to achieve an answer. With Math 1/2, you need to understand formulas learned in class (law of cosines, volume of a sphere etc) as well as more geometric and trigonometric things. Math 2 is harder than Math 1 but allows more room for error ( I think you need a 43-44 raw score on Math 2 to get an 800, which is like 4-5 wrong.)