Subject Tests?

I see that Yale recommends subject tests, but if I can’t afford them, while that be held against me in the admissions process? Should I inform Yale that I can’t afford them?

The schools that made Subject Tests optional did so to attract people in your situation - applicants from a lower socioeconomic status (SES) can’t afford more tests and/or the applicants attend a HS where no students apply to colleges where Subject Tests are requested, and therefore, may not have received the best advice from a GC.

View the eligibility requirements for a fee waiver:

If you can qualify for the fee waiver, I would suggest taking the Subject Tests given the low acceptance rates, I think it would be a shame for an applicant not to do everything possible to strengthen the application. However, if you don’t qualify for a few waiver and can’t afford it, then unless you want to look for creative ways to earn money, forgo the Subject Tests. Good luck.

So if you cannot afford them, you do not have to let them know that or what? I’m in the same boat!