Subject Tests

<p>How does CMU weight subject tests? I'm assuming they're not as important as SAT1 or GPA/ec/class rank, but can they make/break an application?</p>

<p>Not make/break. I think that they are probably used when all other factors between two similar applicants are equal.</p>

<p>I don't think they are very important at all... I only had 670 USH and 630 Math I, lol, how embarrassing. I also didn't even send them in b/c they were atrocious yet CMU still got a hold of them somehow (my transcripts maybe?) and still accepted me and gave me a lot of cash. How the heck I got in... not a clue (and I'm a white non-athlete). So if I'm good so are you, don't fret :)</p>

<p>590 in MathI and got into ECE.</p>

<p>Im wondering how i got in.</p>

<p>maybe it depends on different majors or departments... what schools did you guys get accepted to?</p>

<p>is there anyone that got into CIT without taking chem/physics? i have an 800 in bio but i still havent taken chem/physics which they recommend</p>

<p>^I asked them about that, because I hadn't taken AP Chem, and the physics class I'd taken didn't cover the SATII material, but they were pretty adamant that I had to take physics or chem. So I studied for physics on my own and got a 700 (my lowest SATII by far), but it worked out ok. It might be different since you have bio, though, because my other SATIIs were Spanish (780), Math II (760), and Lit (740), so no science at all. I think (if you look through the old admissions decisions thread), there may have been some people that didn't take physics or chem and got in, though.</p>

<p>I doubt it counts that much. I got a 720 in Math I and 640 in Physics. and I got into CIT's CEE lawlzz</p>