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<p>i've decided that i'm going to wait for snail mail (crazy, huh...) to find out my decision. i want that suspense of sifting through the mail and hoping for a large envelope....and then ripping it open and reading the letter. none of this clicking and having the email open .5 sec least that's what i want to do as of now...hahaha</p>

<p>SO, my question is: does the subject line give it away? will it be like "we are sorry to inform you..." or "congratulations!" or "you must wait..." because if so, i need to avoid my email box for a few days, because the last thing i want is to accidentally find out from the subject line.....</p>


<p>I heard the subject line can be something like "Congratualtions" for an acceptance message or "You Admissions Decision" for a rejection message....</p>

<p>I have heard that the subject line changes every year, but last year it was something like:
Accepted students received "Congratulations from Johns Hopkins University"
while Deferred and Rejected students received "Your Johns Hopkins University Admissions Decision"</p>

<p>SCARY! Does that go for RD as well?</p>

<p>^it's probably the same for RD too.</p>

<p>that's why i'm so scared to check my email on that day because i'll know the decision even before reading the actual email by just looking at the subject line - -+</p>

<p>I'm gonna have to change my homepage...cause as of now, my homepage is the customized google it shows me my gmail inbox and the subject of each new message I have...</p>

<p>That means that if I don't change my homepage....when I open Firefox on Thrusday...the subject of the message from JHU will be staring me in the face...</p>

<p>Ppltrmpt - you've got some patience! I agree that receiving an admissions decision through email is a tad too surreal for me... and that opening an actual envelope is a lot different.</p>

<p>I can't wait 'till Thursday, though. T-minus 4 days!</p>

<p>how can u guys wait?? i'll prob be pressing refresh every 10 seconds lol. i sorta just wanna know and move one and finish all my other apps, which i'll prob have to do. :(</p>

<p>oh yeah. other apps, huh. =( AHHHH but i still don't wanna find out by email , for some crazy reason. AHH but then if i don't check, then i might not have enough time for jan. 1 deadlines! nooooo...</p>

<p>avenger- i looked for this customized google page that you speak of. i discovered that you can turn the preview off ...</p>

<p>Oh snap...that's right i don't have to change my homepage...thnx dude...</p>

<p>lol no prob! thanks for telling me about the coool customized home page =D. i like the word and quote of the day...</p>

<p>Yea...I have it setup with: Wired News: Top Stories, NY Times, Gmail, Google News: Top Stories, Quote of the Day, Word of the Day, and Stock Market...</p>

<p>I am quite a loser...i know...haha...</p>

<p>o0o i was gonna have the stock one..but then i don't really follow nasdaq/nyse/dow/etc....unless they have an option for individual stocks. go home depot and cheesecake factory! haha</p>

<p>haha...GOOG (google's symbol) is where it's at these days....can u say "off the charts..."</p>

<p>seriously! (hahha, interesting how this post went from jhu admin to stock trades! haha) but in econ we (in groups) "bought" stocks, and google just keeps going up every week!! unbelievable....</p>

<p>unfortunately we didn't buy google...
but we DID buy APPLE (among others) which is keeping our group in the lead =)</p>

<p>i still cant believe the Adcoms didnt make their final decisions yet! -_-" lets hope for da best shall we~ ^^</p>

<p>Apple is going to have a nice and hefty fourth quarter profit...nanos are selling like crazy...the waiting time to get one from is about a week used to be 1-2 days before the holiday shopping season began...</p>

<p>Google is probably overpriced right now...but not by much...</p>

<p>And yes I realize that this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with our ED decisions from JHU....but I really need something else to think about...haha</p>

<p>"i still cant believe the Adcoms didnt make their final decisions yet!"</p>

<p>What really freaks me out is how I keep thinking about the adcom reading my app...</p>

<p>For example right now I am typing this message while sitting at my computer...and I am thinking about the possibility that an adcom is reading over my application right now...and then i start to get's really pathetic...haha</p>

<p>^i've been getting the same exact image/feeling, every morning when I wake up and take a shower it's what i think about, man I've lost it bro, I've utterly lost it..</p>