<p>Please stop trolling this forum with your ******* comments.</p>

<p>Lol. Regular internet jokes/dynamics do not work on CC. We are not 4chan.</p>

Science damn it, you guys.


Kudos to you and your subtle South Park reference. (If it's no SP, then ignore this.)</p>

<p>lol all of sublime's posts are in HSL and they are all negative troll posts. i wonder who he is.</p>

<p>I feel like old users are making new accounts just to troll around in HSL.
New Users dont usuall know about this forum or troll around like this.. It took me months until I started posting in this forum..</p>

<p>Lmao "science damn it". I love SP.</p>

<p>^Kind of related, I need to start a Chili Con Carnival somewhere in my life. Just for the wordplay.</p>

<p>Do you believe I would take such a thing with me, and give it to a police man?
I wouldn't do that, mmhmm, I wouldn't do that</p>

<p>if I did that would you say
"sir come down and put the charge on me?"
I wouldn't do that, oohhh, I wouldn't do that</p>

<p>I'm not a fool to hurt myself,
But I was innocent to what they done to me.</p>

<p>they were wrong, they were wrong</p>

<p>What happened to Sublime? I can't seem to find any of his posts.</p>

<p>^Is that some sort of hint that you are Sublime disguised as a Banana? :)</p>

<p>does anyone remember speakSLOW or monkyle (<- I think)?</p>

<p>ive been studying chem so hard i thought</p>

<p>"sublime" - must be solid to gaseous phase</p>

<p>oh wow an old thread
my post is from last year lol</p>

<p>I read the title and either thought the band Sublime or sublimation in chemistry haha.</p>

<p>Was he the former name as well?</p>

<p>[suspicious]They were similar in their trolling tendencies.......[/suspicious]</p>