Submit 680 Lit/77th percentile, or 690 Phys/55th percentile?

<p>I got a 690 on physics, a 680 on lit, and a 670 on math 2. Apparently though my 680 on lit is in the 77th percentile and my 690 on physics is only in the 55th percentile, even though physics is the higher score. Which should I submit when applying to colleges (Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Northwestern, basically)? I took AP Physics B and got a 4 but got a 5 on AP Lang, and I'm submitting a creative writing arts supplement, so would a higher score which means less statistically show that I'm well-rounded (I want to major in government/public policy) even compared to a score that's 10 lower but is more challenging to get? And I did get a 780 on USH so don't think I'm only submitting mediocre scores.</p>

<p>EDIT: When i think about it, actually--would admissions officers care about the percentile at all? Do they even have that information?</p>


<p>I would submit all four of those.</p>

<p>It shows your well rounded... well slightly mediocre at math</p>

<p>Yeah, but I would think the fact that they're not in the 700s would hurt me.</p>

<p>Pretty sure they just care about how you are relative to everyone else that applies.</p>

<p>There's no competition. Lit of course. Everyone knows Lit is very hard while physics is reputed to be damn easy. I mean -12 MC and still 800? A 690 in Physics would reflect badly on you while a 680 in Lit is considered comparitively good. And, yes, colleges do look at percentile too. The score report they recieve contains your percentile.</p>

<p>So, should I submit lit for percentile and physics to show i'm well-rounded, or just lit, along with my high USH score?</p>

<p>I don't think I can decide for you. It's upto you to decide. It depends on what image you want to portray. If you have AP's in these subjects and have scored well, then there's little point in submitting the less attractive scores.
If they're asking for two, then I would go along with Lit and USH, atleast for my dream college. I think even in math2 your percentile would be greater than in physics?</p>

<p>Haha, it's 1 lower. 54th for Math 2 and 55th for Physics. I honestly think I could've gotten low 700s if I hadn't taken 3 tests like an idiot--I was so frazzled by the time I got to Lit that I couldn't focus, especially 'cause there was a giant spider by my desk. I know those two were easy and I probably rocked the first two thirds and then failed on the last part.</p>

<p>But that's beside the point. Considering that I want to go into government, I want to show that I'm well-rounded and not just an english/social studies freak, so I want to send physics, but the lit score means more, but it's lower. It is a tough call, and yeah it does ultimately come down to me, but I would appreciate anyone's input.</p>

<p>For the record, here are my AP stats:
-Euro: 5
-Physics B: 4
-Calc AB: 5
-Eng Lang: 5
-USH: 5
Classes this year:
-Gov (currently A)
-Lit (A-)
-Econ (A)
-Psych (A)
-Physics C (B, maybe B+ at end of semester but most definitely not A)
-Only B in earlier high school was an 89.4 in Calc, 1st semester last year</p>

<p>So it would appear to them that I do well in general in all these subjects, and that I'm a bit weaker in science and math but still willing to take the classes because it interests and challenges me and I can do okay at them. Which is, y'know, how I want to present myself, but I'm not sure how they would see different SAT II scores, especially if they see the percentile. If they get my USH score and my Lit score, then they know I'm pretty good at english and social studies, which is already confirmed by other parts of my app. If they get my USH and physics scores, then they know I'm pretty well-rounded but not as good at physics as almost half the people who took the test. If they get my USH, lit, and physics scores, then they see that I'm good at social studies and english, and well-rounded but not a stand-out in physics by any means. So I guess there's no reason to not submit the literature, but as for physics and even math 2--it's a tough one. It could help me or hurt me, and since I don't think I'm a particularly strong applicant, that makes it especially gut-wrenching (probably more than it should be).</p>

<p>Your physics AP score is good enough, don't ruin it by putting that (much easier to score on but still not attractive) SAT score down. Same with your excellent calc score. Why don't you take math again? Also, don't forget, a 680 in Lit is as highly valued as a say, 710 in chem.</p>

<p>Hmm, that's a good point. And I could take math again, I guess, and maybe study a LITTLE bit, or at least put better notes in my calculator, but I don't want to take 3 tests, because I know I end up bombing by the third one, and I'm torn between physics and lit. I could probably do a little better on one of them; I'd definitely be more comfortable with lit but I really struggled with it last time, and physics I'm still not so great at. At most I'd expect a 700 or 710 on any of the 3 subjects. I suppose it's still worth it, if it could be even a small deciding factor.</p>

<p>don't you have to submit every subject test you have taken to the school's you have listed?</p>