submit ACT or no ?

D21 got July ACT score back
Needed to improve math, which she did, 29–> 31
However, major drops in Reading and Science, which she can’t explain
Reading 35–> 30
Science 34–> 28
Her composite dropped from a 33 to a 31
However her superscore went from a 33 to a 34

Submit the July ACT ?
(better in math, but major drops in science and reading)

Or don’t submit the July ACT…and accept the composite of 33 over the composite of 34

Fear is that even though schools are super scoring, they will see the drops in the other subjects (reading and science) and could this raise red flags ?

Frustrating, because she thought she was done, but now not sure.

Submit both. Your D will be fine. Especially this year where so many have no scores at all.

Does she plan to major in a field requiring math?

TY for the feedback :smile:

Probably psychology / sociology under the premed track

Just have to wonder, when its the school itself (and not the student/applicant) that does the super-scoring for you, do their eyes wonder towards all the scores.

A lot of the admissions websites state that the schools (who super-score) will ignore the other scores and use just the super-score, but I got to think human nature may be to at least glance at all the scores.

Yes, it comes down to whether you believe school admissions offices follow their stated procedures. Only you can answer that.

For the schools where you self report scores (a large list), she will only put the highest scores of each section on the common app, so AOs will never see the full set of scores during the application evaluation process.

For schools that need to have official scores submitted during the app process, I would send both sets…especially at schools where a 34 superscore could get more merit. AOs are used to seeing variances between tests.