Submit application BEFORE SAT?

<p>Should I submit my applications before I take the SATs? Or should I wait until I have the scores?</p>

<p>If I send it now I won't be able to add scores to the CommonApp, will this be a problem?</p>

<p>I haven't finished my applications yet but I was wondering about it.</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>It makes no difference and large numbers submit app before test scores. No one who has decision-making responsibility for admissions will see your file until it is complete, meaning all required items are in including test scores and they won't care one way or the other whether you sent the app before scores..</p>

<p>Schools require an official score report from the SAT or ACT. Whether or not you include your test score(s) on the Common App really makes no difference.</p>

<p>In the end, all they care about is the official report which they will get regardless of what's on the Common App.</p>

<p>Thank you guys.</p>