submit IGETC certification?

<p>Hi, on myUCLA page, it says " Your DPR will reflect our receipt of your IGETC Certification or UC Letter of Reciprocity."</p>

<p>When do we have to send in IGETC certification? I heard we request them from our CC during or after the week of finals. When does ucla want it?</p>

<p>I’m guessing they want it as soon as you can get it.</p>

<p>My best friend was already IGETC Certified after Fall semester so when she submitted her request for a transcript to be sent to UCLA, there was a box that said “IGETC Certification” and that did it for her. The college also sent her a confirmation of the IGETC certification form being signed by enrollment. </p>

<p>The weird thing is that on her DPR it does not show that those areas have been completed yet, just says “Required or No Entry”. :confused: I suppose it just takes some time for them to put everything in.</p>