Submit SAT score or not?

Midwest OOS student wanting to maximize potential merit. Looking at merit rewards and stats posted by admitted students it’s not clear if a 1330 SAT score would hurt the potential merit in her case? It’s not a bad score by any means, but also not elite so to speak. Website: “If an applicant chooses to send SATs or ACTs please know that those scores must be competitive in consideration of the profile for the admitted class.”

GPA: 3.93 unweighted; don’t know how UCONN calculates weighted? 4.07 on transcript weighting only APs and NOT dual college or Honors classes, would be 4.22 the way many schools calculate.
Class rank: 32/378
Passed a couple AP exams
SAT 1330 single sitting
NHS President
Soccer and Tennis
School ambassador, volunteer, etc.
work 20 or so hours a week for last 2+ years

She’ll probably get into UConn, but I doubt that she will be offered much. UConn has become very selective. She might get a little bit of merit money to try to entice a paying customer who would be paying more than an in-state student.

Overall, I would say do not send that SAT score. It doesn’t go along with being top 10% of her class.

Have you considered UMass Amherst? I think that she might be more likely to get some OOS merit money there.

In neither case would her merit award, if any, be likely to bring it equal to, or below, what she would be paying in-state for your home state.

If you’re looking for significant merit money, better to look to the South and Southwest state schools, and to small liberal arts colleges that are not very selective, where they would see her (especially without that SAT score) as an academic superstar.

My daughter applied to UConn with a test score, but when we look at her application, it says Waived for Self Reported Academic Record or Transcript. She wants to her grades to be considered, and I’m wondering if she clicked an incorrect box (I reviewed her app and didn’t see that, plus we did have her transcript sent). Does anyone know if the school might have listed transcript as Waived? She is going to email admissions and ask.

If you read their website for merit it basically says if you send in it must be competitive and yours are to the UCONN avg.

You might find the class of 25 thread to see what happened there but I’d probably go TO if $$ are critical.
I never read UCONN on any threads talking about schools offering decent merit.