Submit SAT scores? Or not?

<p>I know WFU is one of the only strong schools that doesn't require SAT scores. How many applicants send them anyways, and what is considered a good score? My scores are:</p>

<p>690-CR, 630-Math, 680-Writing</p>

<p>Should I bother sending them? Or will they hurt rather than help?</p>


<p>From the SAT web site re the range of WF SAT scores and percent reporting them: </p>

<p>SAT Critical Reading: 600 - 690 64%
SAT Math: 620 - 710 64%
SAT Writing: - - </p>

<p>You are within the range on both and 64% of the students report. It does not appear that WF considers writing.</p>

<p>My son applied to WF and reported his scores (a bit higher but not hugely so). His thought was that it takes the testing issue off the table if he reported them.</p>

<p>Mine are 610 CR, 640 M, 800 W </p>

<p>Should I send mine in? And does anyone know the ACT range? I have a 29</p>