Submitted Application October 31?

<p>did neone else not submit their application until october 31? i dont have my applicant ID yet....</p>

<p>I sent in my application via internet on the 31st. If you don't have your app ID, you can call Columbia and they will give it to you.</p>

<p>o really? i was waitin for an email. but awesome. ill call tomorrow thanks</p>

<p>I submitted my ED application Oct. 27th or so. Have you guys gotten called about interviews? (Btw I live in LA, not in the boonies where I hear its hard to get them)</p>

<p>no problem, collegebound. </p>

<p>i've just been contacted for an interview, and set it for the 16th. but then again im from toronto, and there's not much ED applicants here.</p>

<p>yeah i called them, and tracked...they have everything!</p>

<p>diesel did u submit online? and did they say nething about not emailing u the id? because i dont want to seem like im pestering them or rushing them since theyre so busy</p>

<p>hey collegebound, I applied by paper because I wanted to attach a color picture, as I look better. So, I called and they gave me an id, and today they recieved all my papers. They don't know who is calling so you really aren't bothering them</p>

<p>hey do you think they'll look at me favourably if i submitted everything a month before the deadline? lol :)</p>

<p>If you dont have an I.D by now it's mean your application is incomplete and is therefore rejected. sorry.</p>

<p>Just Kidding!</p>