Submitted payment late..

<p>I applied to UR using the EN plan. I had everything in on time (Common App, Supp, Part 1) and I already did my interview and everything. However, when I was submitting things my parents weren't home so I had no way of doing the payment. I was going to do it tonight (or I suppose, technically last night since it's after midnight) but I went into intense concentrating mode for this lab and when I emerged about half an hour ago I realized I hadn't submitted the payment yet and it already Dec 2. I just submitted it now. Is it alright that my payment was late? </p>

<p>if that was tl;dr for you then basically my question is: if I have everything done on time but the payment is a few hours late, is that okay, and do I still count as EN?</p>

<p>thanks for any help! :)</p>