Submitting hard copy recommendation?

Is there a way to submit a hard copy recommendation letter?

My D23 volunteers for our local hospital and their HR department generates a rec letter for seniors. It’s a nice letter about the number of hours she’s worked and what she’s done. I think it could only help her applications. Should she mail in copies or contact each admissions officers and ask?

Appreciate your help.

Personally, I would have her self describe what she did and the hours she’s worked. Use the LOR for 11th grade teachers who can speak about what she contributes in a classroom environment and who she is as a person.

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Thanks, she already has her recommendations from her teachers, this would would just be an extra letter for the schools that allow several.

I would contact the school to see how they want it submitted. Not many schools accept several LOR.

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If you did common app, can you add them as the ‘job’ or alternate. The reviewer can likely copy paste so it won’t take long.

It will be as it should format wise, with all secrecy as it should, and you won’t need an ‘exemption’ from the schools. It’d be in common and you can use it on schools that allow.

If your daughter has the letter and it’s not sealed it most likely wouldn’t work anyway.

So it is very nice they did this, but it is also saving their staff from being inundated with requests for undergrad rec letters that most colleges do not actually weight heavily.

Include it where appropriate, but do not send it as a separate attachment or hard copy where not requested.

The impact of the experience is better captured in her essays.

The letter may help her get a job on campus next year though. Save it for that.