Submitting Picture to ID Card

<p>Hey guys! Here's my situation: my mom's been *****ing about submitting the ID Card pic forever now, so I finally just told her I did it. When I actually tried to submit it, i couldn't find the instructions (I think she has it, but I obviously can't ask her for it now...). Wanna help me figure out how to do this? Thanks a bunch :]</p>

<p>found it in literally 2 seconds searching Vandy's website...</p>

<p>Good for you, but helpful to no one...
Vanderbilt</a> Newcomer to submit the picture...
and for more information and whatnot:
Vanderbilt</a> University: Commodore Card Office</p>

<p>good luck! :]
[and thanks for reminding me to do it as well!]</p>

<p>the point is people should think on their own</p>

<p>"the point is people should think on their own "
says someone who clearly frequents a forum based entirely on collective thinking and problem-solving. ALSO, while i did find this on my own and realized i was capable of doing so before posting this, i just didn't wanna miss anything else on the sheet. I was hoping to get a summary of the full sheet... but thx for the help falala :D</p>