Submitting SAT Scores

So I am just about ready to submit my EA applications. I have self-reported and entered my SAT score into the Common App, but I only want to send it to some of my schools (the other schools, my reaches, I do not want to see my score). Can I do this? When I indicate on their application that “No, I don’t want my scores reviewed”, does that mean that even if I self-report the score on my common app that they still won’t see it? How does it all work?

If you check “no, I don’t want my scores reviewed” but still self-report them in the general academics section, the school has an obligation to ignore it. They won’t take the scores into account when reviewing your application.

@izrk02 thank you. Also, if I self report my scores, do I still need to send them through college board to the schools? And when I do, do I select which schools I send the score to?

It depends on the policy of each school. Some require the official report and some only require self-reporting. That being said, its easier to just send it to all the schools you’re reporting your scores to because you’ll have to do it anyway if you enroll. Any yes, you can pick which schools you send the report to.