Submitting short film as multimedia link?

One of my hobbies is writing, directing, and filming short films. I was thinking about submitting a film I recently made in the multimedia section; however, this film is nearly ten minutes long, and I know that admissions officers don’t spend a lot of time viewing applications. I’m also planning to submit a video of me playing a song I composed on piano, which will only add to the total amount of time my multimedia submissions take up. Would it be a better idea to leave out the short film?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but 1) I doubt many kids are submitting short films, so it helps you stand out, and 2)why not let them decide if they want to watch a 10 minute video, instead of you deciding for them?


Our son was hell-bent on film school for college* and chose his boarding school based on the ability to expand this interest and pursue a cinematography career. Before entering BS, he had twice taken first place in a film category at a major university’s annual digital film competition, and he submitted one of those shorts with his application. It was longer than ten minutes, and it did get viewed.

Go ahead, submit it. You have nothing to lose.

*He ended up at a service academy. Go figure.


Agree 100%. Almost no downside in submitting.


Submit it! You may want to do the music one as a separate link. That way, the school can forward to different people for review.