Submitting standardized tests?

So I took the day first and did well and got a 780 math, 740 reading, and 730 writing for a 2250 overall. I decided to take the ACT to supplement my application but without the writing because I had already taken the sat and got a 36 reading, 36 English, 35 science and 33 math for a 35 overall. This score is something I’m definitely proud of, so I want to send it to schools to supplement my sat scores. Some of the schools I’m looking at want the ACT with writing if you want to use it instead of the SAT. Since I already took the SAT, will these schools be ok with the ACT without writing as an application booster?

Every institution has its own, individual policies on this question. Generalization can lead to application errors. You need to ascertain what your specific target schools require and permit.

P. S.: Congratulations on your 2250.

Thanks! Any one else know anything about this kind of situation?

Look at the schools directly and see what they say. Every policy is different. You can always send both SAT and ACT but if the schools required the ACT w/writing to get out of sending SAT subject tests, you’ll have to do subject tests as well.

Thanks. Does anyone else have any experience with this? I am looking at schools like pitt, the university of Delaware, Drexel, Duquesne and West Virginia university as well as case western and Georgia tech as financial reaches. As I said I’m submitting my sat score to all of them, and am wondering how much weight my act without writing will carry as a supplement to my sat score. Just showing that I could do well on both tests.