submitting the act and SAT 2s?

<p>is it possible to submit the ACT and some SAT 2s?</p>

<p>i read somewhere that if you submit the ACT and SAT 2s, colleges would ignore your SAT 2s. is this true? since if you get a high or perfect score on the SAT 2s, i highly doubt that colleges would ignore that.</p>

<p>Go here for a list of colleges that require, recommend or consider subject tests Compass:</a> Admissions Requirements In the required column you will see a number for subject tests required and next to some of them is an *. That * means the college accepts the ACT in lieu of both the SAT and SAT subject tests. If there is no *, the college requires two subject tests even if you submit ACT. Also, those in the recommend and consider column, recommend or consider subject tests whether you submit SAT or ACT.</p>

<p>Those colleges that take ACT in lieu of both SAT and subject tests treat them as two separate evaluations in that subject tests are considered only if you submit SAT and are not considered if you are relying on ACT. Nevertheless, you never know what an individual reviewer might look at and thus it never hurts to send high score subject tests.</p>

<p>thank you very much! (:</p>

<p>So does that mean if I submit a 35 ACT and four 800s on subject tests, they won't even consider them? I really hope they do...</p>