Substance Free Housing

Do any of you know which dorm is substance free for the 2010-2011 year?
Also, is there any difference between living in a substance free dorm and a non substance free dorm besides the obvious substance free part?
I'm filling out my housing form, and I'm trying to decide answering yes or no-preference to the substance free question.</p>

<p>I second this question... I'm ok with alcohol/drugs/whatever but I hate the mess that comes with it like vomit haha. What dorm is the sub-free dorm for 2010-2011? Is it still Little in the Choates like it was last year?</p>

<p>i third the qn~ is there sub free housing in Mclaughlin?? or is it only available in choates and EW?</p>

<p>Is an entire dorm sub free or just a floor (or more)?</p>