Substance use at notre dame

<p>Strictly inforced?</p>

<p>I know of very little hard drug use on campus. Everyone seems to be aware of a zero tolerance policy at the university. There is some pot usage and a lot of alcohol, but at least on campus people know that the hard stuff can get you kicked out. Not saying it doesn't happen, and the univsersity can't control what happens off-campus, but there is not a strong drug culture here relative to some other schools..</p>

<p>S graduated this past May. He always said there was more Adderall than pot.</p>

<p>DS knows 2 students that were suspended for a semester for smoking dope in their dorm room.</p>

<p>All I know of is some marijuana usage, but it's only a few kids actually in dorms. It's big with the football team, but they do it off campus. I don't know about enforcement.</p>

<p>I haven't heard of anyone using anything more serious than that, though I'm sure you could buy some meth in South Bend pretty easily.</p>

<p>Four young men in my son's dorm were res life'd. They were apprehended walking on a path that leads to a well-known spot on campus where students smoke pot. Two had to leave school for a semester, but they were readmitted after a clean semester elsewhere.</p>

<p>My d knew a guy who was suspended his freshman year, and not allowed to return at the semester for using pot. She says drug use is very uncommon and strictly enforced, but alcohol use is common.</p>

<p>I'm a current freshman and hear a lot more about adderall than marijuana. Never heard about people using other drugs.</p>

<p>You'll likely never see anything harder than pot at Notre Dame. I never even saw that during my time there. I'm sure there are some kids who have access to more, but it wasn't ever talked about. Most parties just involve a lot of drinking.</p>