Success of Soka Alumni?

Hey everyone!

With my admissions coming up in the next months, I recently began seriously considering Soka. I love so many things about it - the small class sizes, atmosphere, travel abroad, academics, etc. and think it would be a great fit! The only major concern I have with it (and it is pretty major) is the success of Soka students after they graduate. I haven’t been able to find a lot of data about alumni (or reliable data, for that matter) and I was wondering if Soka grads had good opportunities, considering this is a relatively new school? Does the Soka name hold up when looking for jobs and the such? Would a Soka student be able to compete with someone from a more established/older institution?

Moreover, I want to go to med school. I know that Soka is establishing the Life Sciences program this year, and it sounds pretty impressive from what I’ve read about it, but I still have my reservations about it in terms of how successful it will be in getting students into med school. Has Soka been able to produce good med school students so far? Is it a good school for pre-professional paths and the such?

(Also: I am considering going to Japan after graduation, so I’m hoping Soka will be a good education if I want to do this?!)

Thank you to whoever reads/responds to this and stay safe!

I recently was on the Soka campus, and it is really beautiful., so I just thought I’d look here on CC and see what people are saying about it, and I saw your post. Did you ever decide about your interest in Soka?

So, I actually can’t comment on your questions here, but did want to make a comment about med school admissions. My friend’s daughter is going through med school admissions now. She got several interviews after applications, and has gotten offers from all of the schools where she interviewed, including her top choice school. She had excellent MCAT scores. She just finished a year at a very prestigous university doing research. She is having immense success since she graduated. She graduated undergrad from Humboldt State in NorCal. It is not a top school. I’m commenting just to say that med school admissions are seemingly based on good MCAT scores and other individual things. While certain schools might “impress,” seems to me one can be prepared well for MCATS anywhere, and one can develop into the kind of person a school might want in many different ways. Don’t overlook Soka or any other seemingly unknown school.