Sudden jump in cancer diagnoses at age 65

Study finds that there is a sudden jump in the rate of cancer diagnoses from age 64 to 65, believes that it is due to people gaining Medicare eligibility after not seeking unaffordable-to-them medical care before then.

Definitely makes sense that Medicare eligibility helps people get to the doctor. I know that surgeons are busier at the end of the year than the beginning. Because people have hit their deductibles and if the surgery can be pushed back, it usually is.

Could say a lot more but that would violate TOS.


I believe it. Retiring before 65, voluntarily or not, can leave you without good coverage - perhaps with a high deductible if you have insurance- until you turn 65.

I believe it. Before our health insurance plan covered wellness, HR said only 2 women had gotten mammograms the previous year. (I was too young at the time.) We have 1200 employees, but are in a low SES community.

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That’s one reason Medicare should lower to age 60. We would catch and prevent so much more… Plus… I just turned 60 :wink:


I’m almost 60 and would like to retire. A lowering of the Medicare age sounds good to me. :+1:


Perhaps also a lot of people retire at age 65, start having more time for medical appointements.


I think a lot of people retire at 65 because now they will be able to afford health care.

My husband’s company offers retiree health care after age 55. It is very, very rare for anyone to wait until 65. Many retire right at 55, my husband is waiting until 62. He’s waiting a long time compared to many of his coworkers. They also offer health care for spouses who don’t have health care through their employment. That applies to retirees.

We’ve saved, there is also a pension. They company stopped offering a pension years ago but upped their match on those employees 401k. Social security income will be a bonus but was not important to our decision to retire. But my husband would not have made the decision to retire at 62 if he didn’t have access to good affordable health care through his employer


My husband got on Medicare last year. WOW! We love it. Very low premiums. Incredible benefits, even dental and eye care. I am still paying for physical therapy from 2018. DH is going to PT and has to pay only $40 each time. He went to a quick care place recently - the visit would have cost me hundreds of dollars - his charge was $40.