suddenly predent?

<p>i'm going to be a sophomore next year with no science or math under my belt. i've always been more of a polisci kind of person, and that's where i focused my attention frosh year.
i've never thought i'd even consider the pre-med route, but recently, i found myself thinking about dentistry. nothing dramatic happened to my mouth or anything along those lines. i have a lot of dentists in my family, and i sort of just woke up and was like, "what am i doing?" </p>

<p>i know i sound really wishy-washy, but that's because i'm super confused, super scared about totally switching my life's path, and wanted to know if this sounds crazy or doable. i was great at science in high school, but the humanities just interested me more intellectually. still, i know plenty of pre-meds who love other subjects as well.</p>