Suggest targets/reaches and safeties for intl?

can yall suggest some targets/reaches for me?

asian male (Korea), intl (rip). competitive private school; full pay, income >$500k.

stats: 4.0uw, 4.5w, 10APs (max my school offers). have a 1560 rn (770ebrw + 790m)

ec’s and awards (vague for obvious reasons): published research about fintech in (non-predatory lol) journal, internship @ local tech company, published app w couple thousand downloads, summer research at a college, AIME qual.
there r more but these r my main ig


What major? Other preferences re: geographic location, setting, number of students, etc?

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Do you write IRL the way you write here? What is rn and ig? Please use standard English on the site.

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If you are a sophomore, then I wouldn’t focus on developing a list of schools to apply to. Instead, I would browse college websites to see what interests you. Are there certain academic programs, or research opportunities, or types of dorms or living learning communities, or particular clubs, etc, that you find interesting? Are there things that you end up finding less appealing? Does the idea of being in a snowy, mountainous climate excite you or would you prefer a warm and sunny place in the desert (or by an ocean)? Do you find the opportunities of being in a big city exciting, or do you want a college experience that places you in a bit of a bubble a little (or a lot) out of the way?

This can be a time to explore and see what is available and what interests you. 11th grade can often be a challenging time to maintain the grades one received in 9th and 10th grade, so you want to see how you’re doing in those classes and what your GPA will be after 11th grade to get a better sense of your admission chances.

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I totally agree with @AustenNut - you re a sophomore, and is far too early to start building lists of particular colleges.

Besides the fact that your interests and preferences may change, as @AustenNut has pointed out, it is also far too early to know what your GPA will be when you start applying, what your list of ECs and accomplishments will look like, or even what your parents’ finances will be like.

My kid’s profile when she started applying for colleges was very different than what it looked like when she finished her sophomore year, and had we written her college list at that point, it would have looked very different than what she was putting together when she started writing her applications.

Focus on your high school academics and activities, and you only need to start understanding what different types of colleges offer.

Good luck!

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I agree that you should formulate your interests before a list, but maybe just make a loose list to start from!
I’m a rising senior at a private school with a high percentage of international students, so let me know if you need tips on making a list!

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