Suggestion for Comp. Gov. and Hum.Geo. and European History

<p>So I'm just looking for advice about prep material for each of these.</p>

<p>For Comparative Government I finished using up Ethel Woods and although I think I have a good grasp of the subject I was wondering if there was a good textbook, or more detailed prep material that I should look into to fill in any gaps.</p>

<p>For Human Geography is the Barron's prep book all I really need?</p>

<p>And for Euro I'm almost done reading Modern European History. I'm trying to pick a prep book for it and I seem to get two opinions on this board, Either PR or REA. Which one is better?</p>

<p>REA has too much info you don't need to know. PR is all you need for Euro.</p>

<p>Use Barron's or Kaplan for human geo. Both are pretty good.</p>

<p>Apo, are you using anything to supplement those prep books for hum geo?
I'm just worried that the prep books won't be enough for it. I really want a 5.</p>